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What is The Business Forum  Online®?

          This service springs from our weekly newspaper column addressing issues and questions of specific interest to the emerging business and entrepreneurs . The column avoids "taking sides"  on inflammatory political and social issues that are divisive or highly controversial. Each column focuses on the immediate consequences  of the issue to the owner/manager of the emerging business. In addition to being informative about questions that may have broad financial and industrial dimensions, it is essential that our participants grasp why this issue has a direct impact upon his/her emerging business.

       The Business Forum  Online® (a "Webzine") was launched in January 1996. To preclude copyright conflicts, our weekly newspaper column (The Business Forum) was discontinued over the next 12 months.

         You will want to search through our General Index for the topics of interest or concern to you today. For further information, the contributor may be contacted directly at the address presented at the foot of each page. If preferred, you may contact The Business Forum  Online® directly at the address below.

Your comments and suggestions for these pages are most welcomed!

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