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David Scott


          David Scott has over twenty years of experience in helping to define business-driven IT strategies, in achieving business-serving ones. His philosophy is wholly dedicated to closing divides, directing purpose, and achieving results. I.T. WARS is a first, holistic, treatment for the business-technology paradigm from a new cultural perspective and need — eCulture — in defining the modern relationship between people, business, and technology. He began his association with The Business-Technology Weave in the U.S. Army, and grew to manage networks, infrastructures, and eventually large business-IT enterprises. He has directed Information Technology endeavors for many Washington DC Metro organizations, to include private business, government agencies, and associations, and has consulted on a contractual basis. He has helped to emplace, restore, and grow operational IT/business planning and success in several global Fortune 500® companies in leading areas such as public relations, patient care, laboratory accreditation, direct-mail marketing, telecommunications, and food safety. In addition he has assisted several organizations in their contribution of human and environmental services. Mr. Scott is also a professional speaker and consultant, and has helped many organizations to their institution of the principles and values of The Business-Technology Weave, in establishing a working, serving, eCulture.

          David Scott can be contacted at:

Telephone: 703-447-2575


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